Background information

The Roma is the vulnerable group living at risk of social exclusion and poverty. The main reason for this is the low incomes. Strategy for Integration of Roma in Bulgaria (2012- 2020) provides employment programs for Roma that are not effective and no change their economic status.  The most vulnerable group in the labor market among the Roma population is the youth and woman. Blagoevgrad is the region on second stage in the country with biggest number of unemployed young Roma (Ministry of labor and social policy, BG, 2015). The limited social contacts and isolation, access to information, fail to find work, not registered in the labor office, distrust in institutions are some of reasons that Roma youth and woman no have income. However, some of them have business ideas but in most cases they are realized in the informal economy.

In the both places where project is implementing – Blagoevgrad (BG) and Kochani (MK) , the problem of unemployment among the Roma, and particularly among young people and women is very hard. Both municipalities have lack of the training opportunities for Roma in the field of entrepreneurship and start business. The project motivate and increase interest among young people and women to became economically independent and start own business.

Aim of the project

Specific objectives

The aim of the project is capacity building among Roma representatives from both municipalities Blagoevgrad (BG) and Kochani (MK) to start their own business. The project activities will improving contacts between Roma young people and women for mutual understanding, build confidence, planning and support implementation of joint business initiatives.

1. Motivating young people and women from Roma communities from Blagoevgrad and Kochani to start their own business by providing best practices, establishing contacts with successful entrepreneurs and visiting businesses, establish contacts with representatives of business organizations, visit the Fair in Plovdiv and Skopje;

2. Capacity building among the Roma community (youth and women) from the municipalities of Blagoevgrad and Kochani to start their own business by  four modular training and mentoring to develop a business plan;

3. Promoting cross-border cooperation between entrepreneurs of the future municipalities of Blagoevgrad and Kochani through realization of joint project activities.